Chandler Transfer Station

2014 to 2015


Brisbane City Council (BCC) owned four Waste Transfer Stations (WTS) across Brisbane which were originally developed with a focus on the efficient disposal of waste, as opposed to the recovery and re-use of materials or reduction of landfill waste.  

Current waste reduction targets have influenced BCC to redevelop three of the WTS’s to meet reduction targets, increased recycling rates and the material re-use.  To meet current and future waste reduction targets, BCC investigated the redevelopment and upgrade of the Chandler, Willawong and Nudgee WTS sites to incorporate Resource Recovery Transfer Station (RRTS). The waste transfer facility is being operated by Thiess Services.

Challenges to the project includes:

  • Encountering rubbish/unsuitable and disposing it properly
  • Working with gaslines
  • Working with live traffic and have to manage during construction


  • 2 layers of Pavement materials – 7,000m3
  • Geogrid and HDPE under pavement – 11,00m2
  • 3 layers of Pavement materials – 1,600m3
  • Culverts 450mm to 600mm diam – 115m
  • Prime – 11,300m2
  • DG14 Asphalt 50mm thick – 11,300m2
  • Topsoil, turfing and seeding – 14,500 m2materials
  • Kerbing works – 1,100m


  • 26,800m3 Cut to fill
  • 11,300m2 subgrade preparation works
  • 28,000m2 of clearing and grubbing


Contract Value: $2,0800,000

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