The Perry O'Brien Engineering work ethic is to live by our creed “quod erat demonstrandum” / "demonstrated to be so", which simply translates in layman's terms to “that's the way you do it and the jobs done right”, and at the end of the day when this holds true, there will be some satisfied punters on both sides of the fence.




  • Management
  • Capping
  • Cells
  • Leachate Systems
  • Revegetation
Civil Works

Civil Works

  • Clearing
  • Roadworks
  • Subdivisions
  • Dams
  • Concrete works
Other Services

Other Services

  • Quarry Works
    Crushing & Screening, Quarry Material Supply
  • Haulage Works
    Waste Removal & Basement Excavation
  • Mine Works
    Haul Road Construction, Mine Dewatering
  • Mine Operations
    Fleet Optimizations & Productivity Analysis
  • About us

    PERRY O’BRIEN ENGINEERING was established in 1997 as Earthpro Pty Ltd. Following a change of ownership in 2015 the new owners Robert Perry and Michael O’Brien decided to re-band the company in 2016 by putting their own names and reputations on the line.

    Perry O’Brien Engineering has extensive experience in the area of waste management having been contracted to numerous council and contractors, all who are leaders in waste management, to execute cell construction, capping or waste handling, together with varied civil construction works including roads, dams, stormwater, and services. Please refer to the following list of past and present projects. We have the capacity to execute contracts in excess of $10 million, with Quality, Environmental, Safety and Management systems to match.

    We are committed to providing a safe work place for our employees whilst providing a competitive high quality delivery of service to our clients. We understand that in order to achieve our goals there is a fundamental need for continuous improvement and training of our people. Our people are the extension of our vision and by putting time and training into mentoring and improving their knowledge, skills and self-confidence we can continue to build our name making it synonymous with safety, quality and competitiveness.

    The PERRY O’BRIEN ENGINEERING creed “quod erat demonstrandum” is a Latin term used by mathematicians over the centuries which means demonstrated to be so or I have solved the problem. We apply it in the field to mean “that's the way you do it and the jobs done right”. We believe this gives our company and focus in executing the works with pride.

    The company logo is a Uni-griffin which is a hybrid mythical creature cross between a lion, eagle and unicorn, a creature whose story like ours is still being written.

  • Our People

    Our Motivated Team

    Our ability to execute works is largely dependent on the experience, skills and motivation of the boots on the ground. It’s through the field tested veterans of the civil construction industry that we depend on and pass their knowledge onto the next generation of workers.

    Our Employees undergo company training attaining qualifications in their respective fields. PERRY O’BRIEN ENGINEERING is process of modernising our fleet whilst implementing a strict maintenance program to achieve optimum mechanical availability. Our reliable self-motivated operators are well equipped to provide professional services to our client whilst being supported by a dedicated management and administration team.

    PERRY O’BRIEN ENGINEERING is supported by a select consultants and service providers in the fields of civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, surveying, soil testing and other specialists, including financial and legal. These select consultants and service providers have long been associated with the construction form part of our team.

    Over almost two decades PERRY O’BRIEN ENGINEERING has grown to become of Queensland’s leading land fill civil construction companies and our success is founded on the skills and expertise of our highly-valued and expanding workforce.

    Position at PERRY O’BRIEN ENGINEERING are limited due to strong retentions however we are always looking for the right professionals and skilled workers to join our team when an opening does arise. Successful candidates can expect attractive remuneration along with the chance to develop further skills through a range of respected training programs.

    The PERRY O’BRIEN ENGINEERING apprenticeships provide young people an excellent training ground for embarking on a career in civil construction. The apprenticeship program provides recruits with first-rate on the job training under the guidance of experienced mentors. To view current positions click here


    Rob Perry
    Rob Perry
    Michael O'Brien
    Michael O'Brien


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