Birkdale Landfill

2015 to 2016


As commitment of Redland City Council to meet the demand of the management waste within council area, Redland City council upgrades Birkdale Landfill site. Rehabilitation of the site is a legislative requirement of the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

Remediation have been done in two stages; first to the southern area of the site commenced in February 2015 and second to the northern area of the site commenced in July 2015.

Benefits of the project include improved access and layout of site as well as reducing the environmental impact of the landfill. In addition, Redland City Council will be building a gatehouse bypass lane to enhance accessibility to the site and reduce delays for customers disposing of green waste during busy periods.

Challenges to the project includes:

  • Construction under traffic for the users
  • Minising noise during operating hours.
  • Dust suppression during the construction


  • Northern Ring Road
  • 3 layers of Pavement materials – 1,280m3
  • Prime and Seal – 1700m2
  • Southern Ring Road
  • 3 layers of Pavement materials – 1,600m3
  • Prime and Seal – 1700m2
  • Guardrail – 490m
  • Hardstand
  • 3 layers of Pavement materials – 13,200m3
  • RCBC Culvert 2/900×600 -20m


  • 90,000m3 Clay capping
  • 100,000m2 subgrade preparation works
  • 76,000m2 revegetation including Jute mesh installation


Contact value: $5,800,000

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